Episode 35: The GPG Guide to Giving!

The Guinea Pigging Green Guide to Giving!

Hi everyone! We’re back at you with a new episode of the show, and this week it’s all about giving. Just in time for the holidays! As always you can stream the episode right here or get it by subscribing to us on iTunes

Laura and I both love to get a great gift for someone. Some of our favourite things to give and receive are books! This year our top books to give are:

And we have so many on our wishlists this season as well! Some highlights:

We also love to give experiences, like tickets to a show, Passport to Prana, or a cooking class.

When we want to give thoughtful gifts, we usually turn to Etsy for customized, beautiful things. You can see some Laura’s favourite shops here. I’m not organized enough to have my favourite shops saved, but I love Etsy too!

On the show we talk about how it is important to us to give back as well, especially at this time of year. One of my favourite organizations is Kiva, which offers micro-loans to small business owners worldwide. But it’s also possible to make a difference locally! Look around in your community to see which smaller organizations might need help or a bit of love this holiday season.

You can also buy gifts that are a double whammy of giving: you get a great product while also giving back to the world! Think of companies like Toms or The Giving Keys.

Really though, we agree with Lululemon that the most important thing we can give at this time of year is presencenot presents. We hope you have an absolutely wonderful holiday season.

Thank you so much for listening! Do you have any great ideas for gifts? Talk to us on Twitter @GreenGuineaPigs!


An Ode to Oh She Glows

Glo BarOh She Glows is one of those blogs I will never tire of.

I’ve been making Angela’s recipes since before I was vegan. Heck, I’ve been making Angela’s recipes since before I was vegetarian! When I recommend a recipe, more often than not it’s from her blog. I love that each recipe is very accessible to people with even the most rudimentary cooking skills (I’m one of them)!

Angela’s blog is one of the reasons I’ve never used cookbooks — it is just way too easy to find simple, healthy, delicious, vegan recipes online… But then she went and wrote a cookbook.

Suddenly, I’m making homemade granola bars, trying not to get the pages sticky as I follow the instructions.

My boyfriend, who has never been that interested in cooking, has mastered recipes such as her Creamy Avocado Pasta.

This cookbook has been such a pleasure to have in our apartment and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has loved her blog like I have. Speaking of which, this gorgeous book would be a fantastic Christmas present!

Bake on.

— Laura

Glo Bar

Easy Vegan Crepes

Easy Vegan Crepes | Guinea Pigging Green


The other weekend I found myself enjoying a rare lazy Sunday.

I began the day by journaling, meditating, and practicing yoga in our living room before deciding that the day was missing a fancy breakfast. I had made these crepes before and was super excited to have Mike try them. PLUS they’re only 3 ingredients. They’re basically sinfully easy to make. Shoutout to The Everyday Veggie!

At this point I’ve made them savoury by filling them with leftover roast butternut squash (We had extra from this vegan Mac n Cheeze recipe), I’ve enjoyed them for brunch with my friends by filling them with various fruits and apple sauce, and (as you can see pictured) I’ve made them pretty decadent with natural peanut butter, banana, and maple syrup.

I haven’t met a *reasonable* combination I didn’t like yet!

What are your go-to Sunday morning meals?

— Laura

Easy Vegan Crepes | Guinea Pigging Green