Episode 21: Interview with Sam from Canada Girl Eats Paleo

Canada Girl Eats Paleo

Hi friends!

This week we have an interview with Sam, the awesome lady behind the great blog Canada Girl Eats Paleo! As always, you can listen to the podcast right here and/or subscribe to us on iTunes



Sam is a student at the Canada School of Natural Nutrition, studying to become a natural nutritionist. Her blog is full of awesome, healthy paleo recipes and she also often shares her fitness goals and progress. For April, she’s running a yoga challenge – go check it out!

Sundried tomato spaghetti squash pasta by Sam! Click for recipe.
Sundried tomato spaghetti squash pasta by Sam! Click for recipe.

We met Sam through Instagram, and when we decided to record an episode about the paleo diet we knew she was the perfect person to teach us about this lifestyle. She’s funny and knowledgeable, and we’re so happy to have made friends with her.


In the episode, we’re talking about:

  • some misconceptions about the paleo diet and how Sam personally defines paleo
  • the reasons why Sam began eating this way
  • the awesome effects she saw in her body and mind after transitioning to eating paleo
  • some of the (surprising to us!) controversy within the paleo community about what the paleo diet should be
  • our collective thoughts about petri dish meat
  • a day-in-the-life of Sam’s way of eating paleo!

Sam really taught us so much about the paleo diet and see past some of our false beliefs about this lifestyle choice! We were so happy to have her on the show.

If you have any questions for Sam, leave them in the comments below! You can also find her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Thanks for listening!


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