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  • Flaam Hardy

    Hi ladies!

    Podcast fan here. Just wanted to say that I love your podcast, it’s fun to hear people “just like me” talking about topics that are of interest in such an organic way.
    Stephanie: I went to Mcgill (studied environment) as well and was friends with one of Laura’s friends.. so I met her a few times and that’s how I heard about your project. I’m now working in nyc as an urban/environmental planner.

    A friend posted this quote the other day and thought of this podcast (also your blog stephanie) and thought I’d share.. it helps to remember that having doubts about your choices in life is probably mirrored by like every other 20 something on the planet.

    I’m wondering if you could do a podcast on your other favorite health/wellness/green podcasts.. and I’m also wondering how you guys manage your recipes! (cool apps? pinterest? by hand? random amalgamation of saved files on your comp? this always gets me.)

    Also I am a beekeeper so if ever you want to do an episode on that… :)

    Enjoy all the good things that spring brings!


    “Everyone is worried about their choices. Those in cities worry if they’ll ever get out to the country, and those in the woods think they might be missing the opportunities of city life. Young professionals are terrified they’ve forever bid farewell to fun and freedom, and those with throw-away jobs are down about not making as much money as they could be and not appearing accomplished enough. Some who are dedicated to school want more room in their lives for other things, those with roomy lives desire that space to be filled. Single people want relationships, settled people wonder if they’re missing out on something, traveling types miss stability, stable ones are restless, old friends want new friends, new friends miss old friends, and basically almost everyone my age has some dangling worry trailing around after them everywhere that they’re somehow not doing everything, that what they’re doing is not altogether the right thing, that they are missing out.
    A million lessons can be taken from this. All I want to say is, don’t for a second convince yourself that you are the only who knows this doubt. Do not be ashamed. The doubt is natural, and everyone you know — yes, even that person — carries it sometimes too. Allow yourself to be peaceful. Allow yourself satisfaction in what you have. If you really don’t like it, allow yourself permission to make changes.
    All y’all are beautiful. Unclench those butts. BREATHE”.
    – L. Schneider “Hey, All You 20-somethings: Breathe”.

    • Stephanie Pellett

      Hi Flaam! Thanks for your lovely and insightful comment. Your timing was impeccable because I seriously needed to read that quote today!! It’s so awesome to hear from you, thanks for your kind feedback on our show. We love doing it to stay in touch and talk about our favourite topics, but it’s always an amazing bonus when other people enjoy what we talk about too. Thank you thank you thank you for the quote and for your episode suggestions! We have an episode coming up about our favourite podcasts, but unfortunately neither of us really listen to health/wellness podcasts funnily enough. We can definitely talk about how we keep recipes, maybe in a blog post! And we’ll be in touch about doing an episode on beekeeping, that’s so cool! You rock, and we appreciate the comment so very much. It sounds like you’re doing some pretty great things yourself. :) xo