Episode 52: Ethical Fashion and Staying Authentic On Social Media with Jess Sternberg


Hello lovely listeners, readers and friends! We have an awesome new episode of the podcast for you today. As always you can listen to the show below or stay up to date by subscribing to us and listening on iTunes.

Today we are talking to our friend Jess Sternberg about ethical fashion and staying centred and authentic on Instagram. Jess is the co-founder of the activewear company Free Label, which produces Canadian-made, sustainably produced beautiful basics. She is also a yoga teacher who manages Flow Active, a beautiful yoga apparel store in Toronto. We wanted to pick her brain about why she started her awesome company, why ethical fashion is so important, and how she stays true to herself when she has such a wide audience.

Here are the awesome ethical brands we talked about on the show:

Once again you can find the show here and here.

Thanks as always for tuning in, we hope you liked the episode! You can follow Jess on Instagram @jessbestern, and check out her beautiful clothes @free.label, and of course we’re there too (with about 3000 fewer followers!!) @greenguineapigs. You can also catch us on Twitter or leave us a comment below if you have anything to add.

Thanks friends!


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