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It’s no secret that here on Guinea Pigging Green we adore DIY things. We’ve talked about how to make your own deodorant (weird, but it works!), how to make some beauty products at home, and more recently how to start your own podcast! We love to DIY because it’s fun, it’s usually healthier and more natural, and it’s often cheaper.

Take this DIY homemade coconut milk, for example. I’m living in Ecuador now, where coconuts abound. My boyfriend’s uncle actually has a farm with a bunch of coconut trees (insert stunned-face emoji here) so for us, the coconuts were actually free. You might not be so lucky with the prices in Canada (sorry, Laura) but if you can get your hands on some I can promise the results are so worth it.

We’ve made this milk twice so far, and it has always been absolutely delicious. It’s creamy, it’s so delicious and it’s so fresh and healthy. It takes a lot of work, but that’s half the fun!

Coconut Milk >> Guinea Pigging Green

We used this recipe from Always Order Dessert for making coconut milk from fresh coconuts. I have a natural hemp nut milk bag similar to this one (I bought mine at Goodness Me in Burlington, Ontario) that we use to make milks like this one silky smooth. We used the leftover coconut pulp to make a delicious toasted coconut almond granola – recipe coming soon!

The first step is to split open your coconuts. This was accomplished by my boyfriend, a large kitchen knife and an old rolling pin. First, slice off the top part of the coconut (the knobbly bit). Then, you cut a triangle into the top of the coconut until you get inside the inner shell, and then drain the liquid into another container. Use the rolling pin to kind of hammer the knife through the coconut shell until it splits open. This takes a whole lot of trial and error, but there are also great videos you can watch to help you out.

Coconut Milk >> Guinea Pigging Green

Then, use a butter knife to pry the white meat away from the shell. I find it easiest to kind of go around the whole perimeter of the coconut using the knife to dig in between the shell and the meat, and often if the coconut is pretty fresh it will pop out whole.

Coconut Milk >> Guinea Pigging Green

Next, wash off your coconut. Boil 2 cups of water for every coconut you have (successfully) opened. Cut the coconut meat into small bite-size pieces – eat a couple of them! Into your blender go the coconut meat, the reserved coconut water, and the boiling water. Blend on high for at least 5 minutes and don’t be alarmed if your blender gets really hot. We need the heat in there to emulsify the fat from the coconut meat.

Coconut Milk >> Guinea Pigging Green

Then pour your mixture into your nut milk bag and squeeze the heck out of it! Alternatively you could use a very fine sieve. The resulting milk will be warm and delicious so just try to stop yourself from having a glass of it right away. Save the (relatively) dry coconut pulp to use in granola, cookies, or myriad other delicious things!

We usually freeze about half the coconut milk into ice cubes and then store in a plastic bag in the freezer for smoothies! The milk only stays good for a few days in the fridge, so drink it in a timely manner. I’m currently eating a sad, dry bowl of granola because we drank all our coconut milk… So enjoy it while it lasts! It’s awesome.


An Evening on the Patio at Vegetarian Haven

Vegetarian Haven >> Guinea Pigging Green
Coconut Curry Bowl

A few weeks ago, Laura and I had a sleepover at her cute little apartment! The Podcast Boyfriend was away for the weekend so we had the place to ourselves to talk about love, record an episode of the podcast, drink tea, make food, watch a movie and just hang out. That’s the kind of quality time we miss when we’re not living in the same city, and it was so wonderful to just be around each other again.

It was a beautiful summer night, so in the evening we walked over to Vegetarian Haven, one of Laura’s favourite restaurants. It’s on Baldwin, a quiet street in Toronto with plenty of fairy lights, and we got a little table out on the patio to enjoy the lovely end-of-summer weather. It was a busy place but not a loud one, apart from the sounds of a squirrel falling out of a tree onto a parked car (it was fine). We had amazing service: an explanation of the specials, displayed on a small table in the entrance before we were seated, detailed descriptions of the various drinks, and attentive waitstaff throughout our meal.

Vegetarian Haven >> Guinea Pigging Green

We ordered Laura’s two favourites and shared them: the Spicy Bali Stir-Fried Rice Noodles, and the Spicy Coconut Curry, served over rice.

The Bali noodles come with a ton of fresh veggies, tempeh, peanuts and plenty of cilantro and are tossed with a very, very delicious peanut sauce. The Coconut Curry is usually served in a bread bowl, but as we weren’t feeling like anything too heavy we opted for the rice instead. Both dishes had a delicious little kick to them and were completely satisfying. The portions here are huge! Even between the two of us, we weren’t able to finish all of our food and scooped it into the little containers we’d brought along from home – the Bali noodles made an excellent addition to our lunch the next day!

Vegetarian Haven >> Guinea Pigging Green
Spicy Bali Noodles

Overall, we had a really lovely evening in the cozy little atmosphere of Vegetarian Haven. It’s clear their food is made with love and that their staff really care, and that’s the mark of a wonderful restaurant.


Episode 48: The 2015 Toronto Veg Food Fest

Toronto Vegetarian Food Fest 2015 >> Guinea Pigging Green


Hi friends,

On today’s episode we’re talking all about the 2015 Toronto Vegetarian Food Fest! It was such an awesome experience and we had a lot to say about it. You can listen to the show in the player above, or by subscribing to us on iTunes right here!

In the episode, we’re telling you about each of the talks and cooking demos that we attended, and all the food we ate. Here are they all are, if you want any more information:

The Presenters We Loved

Veg Fest15

The Food We Loved

Toronto Veg Food Fest >> Guinea Pigging Green

It was an incredibly inspiring weekend for us both. We met great people, ate great food, and listened to great ideas the whole time.

Were you at the festival this weekend? If so, what was your favourite part? If not, which of the foods above look the most delicious to you? :) Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter or Instagram.

Thanks as always for listening! We love ya.