Episode 39: Vegepisode 2.0!

Vegepisode 2.0 >> Guinea Pigging Green

Hi friends!

Hope you’re well and healthy and happy. You can listen to today’s episode using the player below or by subscribing to the show on iTunes here.


Laura has been a vegan for 2+ years and I have been a vegetarian for almost 6 (!!!) with brief periods of pescetarianism and veganism mixed in over the years. Right before moving to Korea last March, I had been happily eating vegan for about 3 months after my experiment with transitioning to vegan. You can hear our episode on that topic right here or see some of the meals I ate here.

In the show we talk about a few different facets of the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle, including:

  • my experience being a vegetarian in Korea
  • what is and isn’t challenging for Laura being a vegan
  • The Official Podcast Boyfriend’s (read: Laura’s boyfriend’s) perspective on what it’s like to be a male vegan
  • having friends and family members who eat differently from yourself
  • some of our favourite veggie meals to eat:

We loved having this honest conversation with each other about food and our personal choices, it was really #real! It’s sometimes hard to talk about these topics, but we hope that sharing our experiences here will maybe make other people feel more comfortable with their own choices. We’re all trying our best and our best is always changing.

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Thanks for listening! All our love and non-judgement,



Episode 4: It’s a #Vegepisode!


Hello friends!

Welcome to the #vegepisode…. The episode where Steph and I talk openly about being vegetarian and vegan!

Confession: this was a little nerve-wracking, but we are happy with how it turned out and more than happy to share our stories if it ultimately helps anyone else currently in transition. Check out the episode right here OR rate and subscribe to us on iTunes.


So, what’s in store for our favourite listeners this week?

Steph recommends two great books that helped her make the switch: the Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan and Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer.

I talk about finding inspiration from vegan athletes, particularly Scott Jurek in Eat & Run and Rich Roll in Finding Ultra. Ironman athlete Brendan Brazier has also developed some awesome resources for plant-based nutrition (like Thrive) that are 100% worth investigating.

Ay baybay!
Vegan professional hockey players are my jam.

We also answer some vegetarian FAQs, provide tips for eating out at restaurants, and discuss navigating holiday meals with the fam. Oh She Glows is a fantastic recipe blog (not to mention an awesome cookbook) with mouthwatering ideas for vegan holiday dinners — pies, stuffing, lentil loafs, and even egg nog!

Also—something important that we didn’t spend much time on in the podcast— a lot of people ask where we get things like protein and calcium. There are actually tons of plant-based sources for everything your body needs! Here is a really excellent infographic that I hope helps clarify the basics:vegan-health-infographic

The episode is only ~20 minutes, so we have a lot more to say! Ask us anything @GreenGuineaPigs or in the comments section below.



ps. Why not try one of our many vegetarian and vegan recipes such as these savory baked kale chips?