Episode 45: We’re Back!


The team is back together! After more than a year, we are finally living within an hour of each other which is an absolute dream. Last Friday we had a little reunion on Laura’s cute balcony drinking coffee, talking about love and planning big things for the podcast. Of course we also had to record an episode while we were at it! This episode is basically a catch-up on what we’ve been up to during the podcast break, what we have planned for the show and what kinds of health, wellness and mindfulness things we’ve been interested in lately.?You can listen to the episode through the player above?or by subscribing to our iTunes channel.

There weren’t many shownotes for this episode, though we did talk briefly about:

We are so grateful to have this space to talk about our favourite topics and feel blessed that we can share our thoughts and interests with like-minded people. So thank you so much for listening! We appreciate it so much.