Easy Vegan Crepes

Easy Vegan Crepes | Guinea Pigging Green


The other weekend I found myself enjoying a rare lazy Sunday.

I began the day by journaling, meditating, and practicing yoga in our living room?before deciding that the day was missing a fancy breakfast. I had made these crepes before and was super excited to have Mike try them. PLUS they’re only 3 ingredients. They’resinfully?simple?to make. Shoutout to The Everyday Veggie!

At this point I’ve made them savoury by filling them with leftover roast butternut squash (We had extra from?this vegan Mac n Cheeze?recipe), I’ve enjoyed them for brunch with my friends by filling them with various fruits and apple sauce, and (as you can see pictured) I’ve made them pretty decadent with natural peanut butter, banana, and maple syrup.

I haven’t met a *reasonable* combination I didn’t like yet!

What are your go-to Sunday morning meals?

— Laura

Easy Vegan Crepes | Guinea Pigging Green