Episode 11: Distance Running with Vegan Ultramarathoner Alex Flint

Guys, I’ve been excited for this podcast for a while: we got to interview Alex Flint from the podcast?Distance Obsessed! You can listen to the interview here or visit our page on iTunes.?


Alex runs marathons, trail races, and ultramarathons — 3 weeks ago he even ran a 100km race! He gave us tons of advice for runners of all levels, including beginners.

We discuss races, nutrition, fueling, training (yup, even in the snow), footwear, and dealing with pain.

Alex during his 100km race
Alex during his 100km race

Some links from the episode:

  • Vibram, Skora, and Merrell running shoes: Alex has used all three, but you’ll have to listen to the podcast to find out his favourite.
  • Good Guys Tri:?a group of endurance athletes using their powers for good
  • Distance Obsessed’s blog post on getting enough protein as a vegan athlete
  • Distance Obsessed’s interview with an ultramarathoner who puts actual screws in his shoes for winter running
Ultras are cool because you get to eat and stuff

We had a lot of fun making this episode (twice) and even after we stopped recording, the three of us chatted about our favourite running books. Steph even convinced Alex to buy this one.?If you enjoyed the episode, you’ll also enjoy his antics on Twitter:


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— Laura

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