Episode 12: Sexual Wellness with the Red Tent Sisters!


We’re so excited to share this interview with the Red Tent Sisters! You can listen to the interview here or download it from iTunes.


We really wanted to tackle some of the big questions about birth control, sexuality and sexual health, but we are by no means experts. So we turned to some real experts in this field, Kim and Amy Sedgwick! They are intelligent and friendly sisters that created the informative blog, eco-sex store, natural fertility consulting practice and all-around incredible company that is the Red Tent Sisters. Definitely head over and explore their site, they have a ton of interesting and informative articles and great resources.

During the interview with these great ladies, we discuss natural methods of birth control, natural fertility, sexual wellness, the biggest misconceptions about STIs, and sexual empowerment. We were so lucky to absorb even a small fraction of all the knowledge that Kim and Amy have to offer. The podcast is chock-full of awesome information!

  • You can listen to the radio segment from CBC’s The Current that we talk about in the episode here
  • You can browse the Red Tent Sisters awesome eco-sex store here (you’ll have to listen to the episode to hear about their great definition of eco-sex!)
  • Read their guide “5 Fabulous Reasons to Ditch the Pill” here?and read about non-hormonal birth control methods here.
  • The Sisters recommended some great resources: She Comes First by Ian Kerner, Our Bodies Ourselves, Orgasms by Lou Paget, and Tristan Taorimino’s sex positive?website
  • Kim offers an online sexuality course?and Amy offers an online course on conception

Make sure to tune into the episode to get even more great, practical information on sexual health and wellness. We loved making this episode and we hope you’ll love listening to it just as much.

Again, listen to the episode here or find us on iTunes! You can also follow us?on Twitter?and/or Instagram to stay connected.

Thanks for listening!


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