Episode 14: Let’s Stop Comparing Ourselves to Others!

Someone’s been doing her Chaturangas

Hi friends! Today?s episode is a doozy: we?re talking body image and how to stop comparing yourselves to others. As always, you can find our podcast on our?iTunes page or listen to it right here.


If you hadn?t noticed, Steph and I are way into yoga lately? which has been a beautiful thing. Truly. But the other day we both nervously admitted to each other that we can?t seem to shake our feelings of competitiveness. For Steph it?s on Instagram. For me it?s in classes.

Yoga can teach you a surprising amount about life and about yourself. Why do we compare? Why do we body snark? How can we let it all go?

This episode is all about unlearning unhealthy comparison.

Here are our top 6 tips to stop comparing and start caring:

  1. Stop making assumptions about other people?s lives. Don?t assume that someone?s job is fulfilling, that their body makes them happy, or that they aren?t people deserving of your respect.
  2. Don?t compare your beginning to someone else?s middle. Instead, only compare yourself to your past self. Life is a journey, and that journey loopty-loops (trademark pending). Rome wasn?t built in a day.
  3. Eyes on your own mat: focus on your own journey.
  4. Think in terms of abundance rather than scarcity. There is no limit on beauty!
  5. Do a gut check ? are you following toxic people? Even if that person doesn?t mean to be toxic, does their blog, Twitter feed, Instagram, or friendship make you feel bad about yourself? Be honest and know when to #unfollow. ?
  6. Focus on what your body can do rather than obsess about what it looks like. Whether it be acing an exam, cooking your favourite meals, conquering a spin class, or standing on your head,?you are so capable of so many things.

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Have a wonderful week.

— Laura