Episode 18: Yoga 101

Happy Tuesday, beautiful GPG community :)

Today’s episode is near and dear to my heart: Steph and I discuss yoga — what it means to us, what we love about it, how to get started, and why to get started. As usual, you can download our podcast on iTunes or listen to the episode right here.


gpg yoga

Yoga can be intimidating! There are many challenging poses with difficult sanskrit names. A lot of people think they’re not flexible enough or that yoga is not challenging enough as a workout, but your yoga practice is 100% what you make it.?You may recall that Guinea Pigging Green ran our very own yoga challenge in the fall. We absolutely loved your submissions?and many of you have been asking for another. Patience! It’s coming…

In this episode we talk about:

Steph and I both go to?Power Yoga Canada. It’s a total coincidence, but the?power vinyasa?is just something that works for us. If you want to give it a shot, their introduction special is 30 days for $40. For?real.

I love that you can hear our hot toddies clinking around in this episode. Pretty sure (don’t quote me on this) that Guinea Pigging Green was born over hot toddies… I know we promised, so here’s our recipe!

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