Episode 2: Running 101

Our handsomest friend Nitai photographed us for our blog! Things got fruity.
Our handsomest friend Nitai photographed us for our site! Things got a little fruity when we started eating all the props.

Sorry Bruce Springsteen, this baby was not born to run. At least, that’s what my highschool track coach would tell you. Make no mistake: I would have lost every race during the year I ran for him, except for one time a competitor broke her ankle halfway through our 800m, safely securing my spot for second last. HURRAY!

It wasn’t until years later while reading BTR that I realized I just wasn’t born to run track.?I wasted a lot of time stuck in a sour mentality about running, but no longer! In this episode, Steph and I talk about what works for us when we run. I think the conclusion we came to is that you really need to make running your own to fall in love with it. We talk apps, music, warm-ups, mantras, strides, and more. Listen to it right here! You can also now subscribe and rate us on iTunes.


A couple links to things mentioned in the episode:?that Nike+ Running app Steph loves, No Meat Athlete’s primer on minimalist running,?MapMyRun, and the dailymile app. In case you’re interested, here are our running shoes: Steph’s and Laura’s. And here are links to the Joy the Baker and Ricky Gervais podcasts!

Spring is just around the corner… What are your running goals this season? Tell us in the comments section below or?tweet us?@GreenGuineaPigs.


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