Episode 20: Taking Risks and Making Big Decisions!


My dears,

This is the first episode where we recorded the podcast between Canada and the country Steph is calling home for the next year. That’s right, Steph moved…to Korea! Listen to Episode 20 right here (or subscribe to us on iTunes).



The topic is pretty timely: we’re discussing risk-taking and big-life-decision-making.

Oh boy.

Risks can be tricky to navigate but we recommend re-framing the risk, following?AB-Z Planning (a concept from the founders of LinkedIn in The Start Up of You), and realizing that?most of our decisions are not actually a big deal (thanks Leo)!

Hangouts on Air
Video calling from Korea!

If you’re wrestling with a big life decision, Steph and I have some advice:?

  • Use the trick Marie Forleo taught us about good fear vs bad fear. This lady is amazing, by the way. If you haven’t already, check out her site!
  • Use the 10-year test.
  • Observe who you share your dilemmas with — and observe how you’re sharing it!
  • Listen to your gut. It sounds silly, but hear us out on this one. (I call this the Radha Test, after my roommate of 3 years).
  • Always have a goal. Your goal can change, but you should always have a goal.

Our challenge to you is to take risks and to never shy away from big life decisions.

What have you got to lose? Choose to lead a bigger life and do it with your heart wide open.

— Laura

3 thoughts on “Episode 20: Taking Risks and Making Big Decisions!

  1. Hi friends,

    Thank you guys so much for this one. It’s been a big help in trying to shut down my lizard-brain’s repeated attempts to re-label the “bold life decisions” folder as “mistakes.”

    1. Totally! I’m glad you found the podcast helpful, and I hope that you will be able to re-frame those bold choices you have made.

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