Episode 32: Running a 10K Race


This week on the podcast, we’re discussing each of our experiences running a 10K race! As always, you can listen to the episode?right here or subscribe to the show?on iTunes.?


It was so much fun to talk about our personal experiences with each of our races. Laura ran hers in Toronto last fall around this time with her aunt, and I ran mine a couple weeks ago with a few friends here in Korea!

We don’t have many show notes for this episode, but in the episode we do talk about:

  • why I had a shift in my goals from a half marathon to a 10K race
  • how we each approached our own races
  • Mountain Equipment Co-op Races
  • what it’s like to run a race in Korea
  • why a 10K feels like the perfect length of race
  • my new goal to run races in beautiful places
  • our fall fitness goals
  • how my Fitbit is helping me be more active this fall

We both agreed that running in the fall is absolutely perfect, and we both really enjoyed completing our races. Running mine made me feel really proud of myself and accomplished (all before breakfast!) and I know it was the same for Laura.

Do you have any fitness goals for the fall? Have you ever run a 10K race or would you consider it? Let us know in the comments below or catch us on Twitter or Instagram.

Thanks for listening!