Episode 7: Green Drank!


Hi, friends!

This week we’re breaking it down for y’all re: green drinks. Though the colour can be off-putting at first (especially if you’re using blueberries, amirite?), the taste and health benefits are off the charts, so they’re definitely worth a try! We’re going to be talking pros and cons of different types of greens, our favourite additions to make your smoothie more healthy, smoothies vs. juices, and making some terrible puns/songs about green drinks. If you’re into it, you can listen to the episode right here! If you want to be able to get us on the go, you should probably subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, and give us a rating while you’re over there!


In the episode, we mention lots of great resources for starting your Green Drink Adventure. An awesome one to start with is No Meat Athlete’s Perfect Smoothie Formula. The formula results in the perfect texture, and gives you some room to play around with lots of different ingredient options. If you’re looking for a ton of inspiration about how to make unique and nutrient-packed green smoothies, Angela Liddon of Oh She Glows has created a great website called the Green Monster Movement which is chock-full of recipe ideas.

We like to add protein powder to our smoothies. I currently use Vega One?in the Chai flavour, and Laura uses Vega Sport Performance?vanilla protein powder. To blend, Laura is a fan of her Magic Bullet?(edit: now she’s upgraded to a Blendtec) and I love my immersion blender. If you’re planning on buying flax seeds, make sure you buy the ground ones! Whole flax seeds don’t break down in the blender (Try Bob’s Red Mill Whole Ground Flax).

My go-to smoothie usually has: water, a little soy milk, half a banana, a big handful of frozen fruit (usually raspberries or mixed tropical fruits), protein powder, ground flax seeds, and a bunch of spinach.

Laura loves a pumpkin pie smoothie: spinach, pumpkin puree, vanilla yogurt (bonus: try a vegan brand like Yoso), almond milk, and a pinch of cinnamon or nutmeg.


And that’s a wrap! Hopefully you have success with green smoothies the way we have.

Much love,