Gifts From Etsy for the Green Guinea Pig in Your Life!

It’s no secret that I love Etsy.?I love how user-friendly their site is and have used it to buy many unique, handmade presents for my loved ones. And, as we move into the holiday season, I’d like to remind everyone that we can make a big impact by supporting?people’s crafts.

Every once in a while I’ll spy something on Etsy that I’ll end up buying?for myself. I really like how easy it is to support small businesses through the platform. It is my belief that we should be supporting small businesses wherever possible! Second, it’s so easy to message the owners with questions and special requests. Also, Etsy even has an awesome Holiday Gift Guide section?on right now if you want to get the jump on your gift shopping for the season.

Every time I’ve used Etsy,?I’ve never been disappointed. Here are my favourite treat-yo-self purchases since I started using the platform two years ago. These would all make wonderful gifts for the green guinea pig in your own life!

Sacred Om Mala – Rudraksha Prayer Bead Necklace

Blog - Etsy - Sacred Om

When I was?looking for my first mala necklace, I turned to Etsy for its affordability, mostly. It was also really easy to compare the vast selection of rudraksha necklaces available. I landed on one with turquoise and lava rock which has since sold out, but I would recommend working with?Sacred Om to find the perfect mala for you — Nikkie makes beautiful necklaces and bracelets from rudraksha beads and recycled glass.

ASPENshop – Meditation Cushion: Organic Zafu

Blog - Etsy - Aspen

I found ASPENshop because I wanted to save money on shipping something large like a meditation cushion. I simply filtered for shops in Toronto and then asked Liz, the shop owner, if I could pick up my new cushion in person. My custom-order meditation pillow is?organic and filled with buckwheat. It’s hand-stitched and I was able to order it in a beautiful plum colour. I also loved that she gave me the cushion with an adorable hand written thank-you note pinned to the side.

I’m not totally sure if she’s still in the custom pillow game, but if you’re in the market for a meditation pillow, it’s easy to find eco-friendly?ones on Etsy. If you’re worried about shipping costs, my advice is to filter for shops in your city and then arrange pick-up, like I did with Liz. (More of my Etsy tips here).

Life In Limbo Photography – The Dunes of Montpellier

Blog - Etsy - Life in Limbo

Okay so besides being my podcast co-host Steph’s number 1 fan, I actually lived in Montpellier one summer for an immersive French program. Instead of using some random picture off of Google images for your desktop background, consider supporting a photographer on Etsy by purchasing a digital copy of one of their prints. That’s what I did; and the result was that I had a new lovely reminder of my time in France, coupled with the knowledge I was helping support someone’s craft. Steph?sells lots of beautiful photos through this shop.

MetalAndIdea – Personalized Handstamped Keychain

Blog - Etsy - keychain

Another Toronto find! When my boyfriend and I first moved into our new apartment, he didn’t believe in keychains. As in, he just carried our building’s loose keys with him!?Unsurprisingly, he?ended up losing his building key in between two seats in the Toronto subway. When Christmas rolled around,?MetalAndIdea helped me create a custom keychain with a meaningful quote on it (not the one above) — within a couple of days! It’s small and discrete; perfect for recent keychain converts — or clumsy people who lose their keys.

That’s another reason I filter for shops in my city; it’s quicker if you’re short on time. It’s also the best way to shop local online.

There are so many wonderful small shops on Etsy. I urge you to take a look around! People just like you and me, who are trying to bring their special gifts to the world. And those special gifts can make wonderfully thoughtful presents for the people that we love. Right now I’m contemplating this scarf for my Granny. What do you think?

Happy Tuesday,

— Laura