Fall In Love With Yoga: 4 Ways to Create a Home Practice


This is Part 2 of our 4-part series Falling in Love With Yoga! For Part 1, click here.?

If you’re trying to fall in love with yoga, there are lots of reasons why creating your own at-home practice is a good idea. Going to classes has its benefits if you’re a beginner: you can learn the poses and be led through a practice with lots of tips and reminders from a knowledgeable instructor. At the same time, going to classes as a beginner can be discouraging. Most instructors remind us to keep our focus on ourselves and keep our eyes on our own mat, because ultimately yoga is a personal journey. But this is easier said than done! It is so tempting to look around at how others are doing and become intimidated, even if we know deep down that we’re beginners and they’re experienced – and that we’ll get there one day!

By taking your practice home, you can avoid some of that comparison to other people. You can try new things without being afraid of looking stupid when you fall (and fall you probably will) or worrying about what other people are thinking of you (they’re probably not thinking anything anyways!). You can tailor your practice to focus on the poses you want to work on and to stretch the places that your body needs to stretch. And it’s really not hard to do! Here are our top tips on creating a home yoga practice.

1. Make a playlist

One way to make your practice more fun is to custom-make a playlist to keep you motivated throughout the workout. And don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be a soundtrack of “om’s” or peaceful waterfall music.?Choose music you love.?You’ll be that much more likely to stick with your routine. It’s pretty cool when you feel yourself naturally start to do your poses to the beats of the songs.

  • Try to create an arc for your playlist. Have medium-paced songs at the beginning, fun, faster ones for the middle, and slower ones near the end.
  • Pick songs that make you feel happy!
  • Time it: if you want a 30 minute practice, choose about 8 songs.

Check out our most recent yoga playlists?here?and here!

2. Make a plan

You’ll want to get inspired to learn and improve your yoga practice, and we’ve put together an awesome set of resources for you to discover the wonderful world of yoga. Check out Part 1 of our Falling In Love With Yoga Series here!

Once you’ve gotten some inspiration, you’ll need to make a plan. In case you aren’t already familiar with basic yoga poses, there are some great sites that make them easy to learn: take a look at the guides from?Fitness Magazine and Mind Body Green. Then put all that information together as best you can! You might want to get some guidance from a yoga class or video on how to structure your practice, or just choose a basic yoga sequence online, like the sequence from FitSugar.

3.?Create a space

Ideally, find a space in your home that lets in a little natural air and is big enough for your yoga mat. Having a wall nearby with nothing hanging on it is even better! And the more space you have to play around in, the better. Make sure there isn’t anything breakable nearby for when you topple out of your headstand the first hundred times you try it.

4. Play!

Now that you’re all set, have some fun! The whole point of practicing on your own is to encourage confidence and discourage self-consciousness, so make the most of it. You don’t have to worry about looking silly, so just focus on your form and most importantly, your breath. Aim high and practice every single day. Want to learn how to do a supported headstand? You can do it, just work up to it! The same goes for any other pose that looks interesting to you. Research it first, and build up to it by strengthening the important muscles, and then practice every day. #yogaeverydamnday!


Practicing at home is an awesome way to improve your poses and to really fall in love with yoga.?Would you try an at-home yoga practice??Let us know in the comments below, or on Twitter @GreenGuineaPigs. We’d love to hear your tips for successfully falling in love with yoga!


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