Fall In Love With Yoga: Find Inspiration

Yesterday we kicked off the Guinea Pigging Green Yoga Challenge to help you fall in love with yoga — or at least commit to being on your mats once a day for seven days.Despite what you’ve heard, yoga isn’t always love at first sight (it definitely wasn’t for me)! Here’s how to find your groove:

Go to a Class
Classes are a great way to get introduced to many different yoga poses and your yoga teacher will be familiar with options which make poses harder or easier and variations?which can be a fun way to spice up your practice. Need help with a tricky pose? Your teacher and more advanced students will be thrilled to help you get up into that headstand if you ask nicely. And, like in any type of exercise, it’s important to make sure that you’re doing poses in safe way to avoid injuries — your teachers have you covered!There are tons of ways to find a class that’s right for you:?Google studios in your area, ask your friends for recommendations, try out loads of studios through a yoga passport, or sniff out cheap classes (this website helps you find classes in Canada ranging from $10 to FREE).

Don’t Go to a Class

Practicing at home is fun. You get to play around in poses without the embarrassment of your classmates seeing you take a tumble.Create a music playlist for your personal home practice, find pose tutorials on YouTube, or try something like YogaGlo which offers unlimited yoga classes online.

Find Inspiration from Yogis Everywhere

I have a vision board on Pinterest where I post my goal poses and I follow a lot of great yogis on Instagram. Some of my Instagram favourites include

  • yoga_girl?(I love her inspirational quotes and her handstand prowess)
  • patrickbeach?(you’ll be shocked at how strong he is)
  • laurasykora (She kills at everything from acro yoga with her husband, to posing with her tiny daughter, to navigating office yoga)
  • the_altman (Because who says yoga can’t be bad-ass!)
  • and?yoginixo (Simple, beautiful, unpretentious yoga).
I also love just browsing the #yoga hashtag on Instagram to see what poses people come up with! (Speaking of which, why not check out what everyone’s doing for our #GPGyogachallenge this week)
Be present
Yoga is a physical exercise that demands your mental presence too. Learn how to breathe through discomfort, bravely attempt poses, and listen to your body.

The most important thing is to realize that everyone has a different relationship with yoga. If you’re new to yoga you don’t have to force the feelings; just be open to them and find a practice that works for you.