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Float Suspension Yoga Toronto | Guinea Pigging GreenThis weekend,?my friend Moronike, my boyfriend, and I took a suspension yoga class at Float in Toronto.

Besides a 5-minute stint involving a wardrobe malfunction at the Yoga Conference last year, this was my first real attempt at suspension yoga. It was also my first time using Passport to Prana, a 12-month pass that gives you access to one class at each participating yoga studio (for only $30)! As soon as we saw Float on the list of Toronto studios (Passport to Prana is available in many Canadian, American, and Australian cities), we new we’d have to give it a try.
Float Suspension Yoga Toronto | Guinea Pigging Green

Right off the bat, it was clear I was in the right place. The studio is quaint, fitted with just 7 systems (the teacher instructs from the blue one). There are pillows, yoga props, and beautiful mala necklaces for sale before and after class.

Float Suspension Yoga Toronto | Guinea Pigging Green

As beginners, we took the introduction course with Amber, the owner of Float. The introduction class focused on properly practicing just a few poses, and moved at a comfortable pace for all of us. Before we knew it, it was time for savasana which, as you may have guessed, we did completely cocooned in the hammocks.

If you’re in Toronto, I recommend checking the studio out — even without the Passport to Prana your first class is a steal at $10.

Have a happy, healthy week!

— Laura

Float Suspension Yoga Toronto | Guinea Pigging Green

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  1. Thank you Laura, it was lovely to FLOAT with you all. I had such a fun time, you brought great energy and enthusiasm to class. I look forward to FLOATingbwith you again very soon.


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