#GPGYogaChallenge Day 5: Your Favourite!

GPG Your Fave 5


We are absolutely?loving seeing all your submissions for the prompts so far. My favourite day of all had to be yesterday, at my house we had a ton of fun getting ourselves into quirky poses together. Again, thanks from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who has participated – thank you for going on this yoga journey with us!

Today, we’re so curious: what’s your absolute favourite pose? It can be your favourite for any reason at all: because it makes you feel good, because it makes you feel like the badass you are, because it looks cool, or because you love it but you can’t quite figure out why. Experiment with this one! Show us why you love (or are learning to love yoga). We’re so excited to see your answers.

As always, use the hashtag #GPGYogaChallenge and you can follow along with us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Keep up the awesome work!