Episode 60: Cultivating a Growth Mindset

guinea pigging green growth mindset

Guinea Pigging Green is one of my favourite projects. I love experimenting with new things, and?Steph is one of those friends who is always encouraging new books, hobbies, and skills. Sometimes, we get lucky enough to record whole episodes on them!

Today’s episode is all about cultivating a growth mindset (the mindset that challenges you to get out there and learn things that you’re not good at yet). You can listen to the episode on iTunes or by using the player below.

According to psychologist Carol Dweck,?there are two main mindsets: growth and fixed. To paraphrase, a fixed mindset assumes that who we are (including our abilities) can’t be changed in a meaningful way, while a growth mindset sees failures as a starting point for new abilities. In other words, someone with a growth mindset sees something they’re bad at as something they can one day become good at.

Steph and I both believe that we should always be learning. And why shouldn’t we!

There’s no better time than right now?to find affordable online courses and skill-sharing. Some of them that we mentioned in today’s episode include:

Other Links we mentioned:

What skills are you working on? What websites are you using to learn those skills? We cannot wait to hear from you.

— Laura

PS. Does anyone have breakdancing classes they recommend? For real!

PPS. Also looking for Cantonese lessons.

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  1. I’ve been exploring the Blinkist app and found that they also have a podcast (that gets you an additional 14 days of free access to Blinkist, when your original 3 day trial is up)!

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