Episode 40: Hot Yoga 101

Hot Yoga 101 >> Guinea Pigging Green

Hey lovely people!

Thanks for tuning into the podcast today. We’ve got a great episode for anyone who’s always been intrigued by the idea of hot yoga but a little intimidated at the same time! You can stream it below?or of course subscribe to us on iTunes.


This was a fun episode for us to record, because hot yoga is close to both of our hearts. That said, we had very different experiences falling in love with it. For Laura, it was love at first sweat, but I personally had a harder time adjusting. The heat is intense!

In the show, we talk about several?different aspects of hot yoga, including:

  • our experiences falling in love with hot yoga at Power Yoga Canada
  • the intensity of the heat at the Yoga Lounge where Laura now teaches!
  • how to prepare for a hot yoga class
  • what to bring to the class
  • the fine line between listening to your body and pushing yourself to sit with it
  • some of the reasons why?we actually prefer hot yoga to non-heated yoga

And lots more! Once again, find us here or on iTunes. Tell us what you think of the show?in the comments below or on Twitter or Instagram!

Thanks, as always, for listening. You’re a friend of ours.

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