Episode 50: Inbox Zero


Okay I’m about to get a little?sappy: This episode is our 50th episode, and it goes out the week of Canadian Thanksgiving. Before I get into Inbox Zero, I want to tell you all how grateful I am for you. Thank you for subscribing to our podcast or for checking in on the blog for updates for the past few years. To my co-founder and co-host Steph, thank you for being the most reliable partner in this, for your ongoing inspiration, book recommendations, and life chats.

Okay I’m done. On to Inbox Zero!

I had heard about Inbox Zero years ago and immediately dismissed it because it sounded like a lot of work. I also didn’t initially take the time to learn that you don’t have to delete your emails: you simply choose what folder to put them in so that your inbox stays empty.

This probably sounds familiar: After a week away this summer where I vowed to minimally check my emails (including my personal email address where I receive requests from yoga studios), I came home and immediately felt stressed about everything I needed to respond to.

I thought of?Inbox Zero?because Steph had done it earlier in the summer. So, we put the call out on Twitter for your favourite resources and I resolved to do it.

inbox zero example

In this show, we discuss our own adaptations of Inbox Zero after reading up on what the pros have to say:

  • Leo Babauta outlined his advice for achieving inbox zen?here on Zen Habits.
  • Elise Joy discusses her simple tips for dealing with email on her podcast and on her blog?(which are?lovely, we might add)
  • 43 Folders has a lot of helpful links on Inbox Zero.
  • Mashable posted these 5 tricks for finally reaching Inbox Zero

I highly recommend taking a few hours to clear out your email clutter. I have continued to maintain?my empty inbox, which has?freed up mental space for passion projects such as this one. Think of it like clearing out a storage closet and realizing you only need a small fraction of what you have.

— Laura

PS. Steph has officially embarked on her new Ecuadorian adventure! Send her some love: ?

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