Introducing the Guinea Pigging Green Yoga Challenge!

GPG Yoga Challenge Instagram Announcement

Next week, Guinea Pigging Green is hosting an online yoga challenge!

Both Laura and I are in the process of falling in love with yoga, but we know it’s not always love at first sight…or at first?savasana. Experienced yogis make it look so easy, but we know that the process takes effort and patience.

This challenge is for everyone, but it was especially created for people who are learning to love yoga. We want you to play a little and have fun with it! Each day of the challenge, we’ll offer a prompt: “Show us a pose that makes you feel __________”. What you choose is up to you!

No matter how comfortable (or uncomfortable!) you are with yoga, we want to encourage you to try your best, try something new, be creative, and most importantly, enjoy yourself. We’d love to see your answers to the prompts (not to mention your smiling faces!) on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram – just tag us @GreenGuineaPigs and make sure to use the hashtag #GPGYogaChallenge to join the conversation!

The challenge will start on Monday, November 4th. Check back here on the blog to see the prompts, or follow us?on Twitter?or Instagram. We can’t wait to get this (yoga) party started! So dust off those yoga mats, get some inspiration, and get excited. We hope you’ll join us.

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