An Ode to Oh She Glows

Glo BarOh She Glows is one of those blogs I will never tire of.

I’ve been making Angela’s recipes since before I was vegan. Heck, I’ve been making Angela’s recipes since before I was vegetarian! When I recommend a recipe, more often than not it’s from her?blog. I love that each recipe is very accessible to people with even the most rudimentary cooking skills (I’m one of them)!

Angela’s blog is one of the reasons I’ve never used cookbooks — it is just way too easy to find simple, healthy, delicious, vegan recipes online…?But?then she went and wrote a cookbook.

Suddenly, I’m making homemade granola bars, trying not to get the pages sticky as I follow the instructions.

My boyfriend, who has never been that interested in cooking, has mastered recipes such as her Creamy Avocado Pasta.

This cookbook has been such a pleasure to have in our apartment and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has loved her blog like I have. Speaking of which, this gorgeous book would be a fantastic Christmas present!

Bake on.

— Laura

Glo Bar