Episode 42: Our Favourite Podcasts

I have some good news for those of you who have requested we do an episode on our favourite podcasts: We did it! Because we love you too.

Ask and you shall receive;

Especially if you’re asking for podcast recommendations because both Steph and I cannot stop talking about our faves, often unsolicited.

So which podcasts made the cut? We highly recommend you give the following list a listen. You can listen to the episode by clicking play below, or subscribe to us on iTunes, to find out more about why we love these shows.


  • This American Life (You can listen to their latest episode on their website)
  • Invisibilia (We recommend the episode on human echolocation)
  • Serial (Start from the beginning and try not to binge!)
  • The Joy the Baker Podcast (If you like Steph, you’ll like Joy. They’re practically the same person)
  • Dear Sugar Radio (Because we will never stop loving Cheryl Strayed)
  • Death Sex and Money (We recommend this episode on cheating – and I also loved this episode with Ken Jeong because Community is one of my favourite TV Shows)
  • TED Radio Hour (Think: TED Talks collected into themes, with interviews of the speakers)
  • Radio Lab (The crazy caterpillar / black box episode can be found here)
  • Story Corps (Listen if you are due for a good cry. These are every day people preserving their own stories)
  • The Savage Lovecast (Dan Savage is the sanest relationship/sexuality advice giver I’ve heard. Steph and I have taken turns binging on his show)
  • Ask Me Another (Steph likes to feel smart playing the games alongside the show)

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Have a great week!Guinea Pigging Green - Podcast App

— Laura

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