#QOTW: The Right to Our Labour

Steven Pressfield | Turning Pro

I read Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield during the last few precious days of the winter holiday. Trying to push?my return to the real world out of my mind, I devoured this book. I dogeared pages and highlighted them with the lightest marker I could find, imagining what life would look like if I turned pro:

What would life look like if I lived the life I’m afraid to live?

I chose this quote for our new Quote of the Week (QOTW) feature because it spoke to me, not as an artist, but as a new yoga teacher and also as a podcaster.

I love being a practitioner and teacher of yoga. I love being a co-creator of important content I can stand behind on Guinea Pigging Green. But I also understand the temptation to equate my success and my contentment with how many people come to my class, how many people share our newest episode.

We?spoke about Turning Pro in last week’s episode, and I know this?won’t be the last time I mention it on the blog.

The truth is, I am equally excited as I am petrified at the thought of living for my labour, and not just the fruits of my labour. One day…

— Laura


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