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DSC_0142We absolutely adore this little comfort-food joint, because not only is it absolutely delicious, it’s totally vegan! Sure, going veg can shift your tastes towards kale smoothies, big green salads, and marinated tofu (all of which we love!), but every once in a while, even a vegan has a craving for something deep fried and wrapped in carbs. Heck, I have cravings like that every other day! Thankfully for us, The Hogtown Vegan offers up veggie comfort food at its finest.

Nope, we don’t know that guy in the purple shirt…unfortunately.

It’s a pretty cozy place, with bright turquoise walls, awesome waitstaff, and just a few tables – the perfect place for a lunch date for two. We’ve been several times now, both together and separately, and haven’t been disappointed once. What’s not to like?


They have a huge menu, offering up awesome comfort food classics like mac-and-cheese, philly cheesesteaks, chicken and waffles and nachos. Of course it’s all vegan, and they have several gluten-free options as well.


My favourite thing on their menu is the Phish n’ Chips. I originally ordered it because I missed beer-battered fish and chips, but I admit I was skeptical of how a version made with tempeh would taste. Fortunately (and miraculously!) they manage to mimic the texture almost perfectly, making the tempeh flaky and light. Their house-made tartare sauce is nothing to scoff at either, and their fries are excellent. I’ve been meaning to try to make my own version of vegan fish and chips at home for a while, but maybe I’d better just head back to Hogtown instead..


Laura is a sucker for their Philly “Cheesesteak”. The sandwich is pure (vegan) decadence: seitan and saut?ed peppers and onions smothered with cheese sauce. It’s messy, but the taste is awesome.


On the side, we ordered their BBQ “chicken wings” and were pleasantly surprised. They could have been a touch crispier, but the sauce was finger-licking-good and it was like eating boneless chicken wings! Having not had those in quite a few years now, it was fun to get a guilt-free version.


Also noteworthy is their awesome mac-and-cheese. It’s so delicious! Laura is a huge fan.


All in all, we adore The Hogtown Vegan. The vegan comfort food isn’t just a gimmick – they’re bringing out awesome flavours and incredible textures (honestly, the texture on their pulled pork sandwich is near perfect) and delivering it in a fun way – we love the red-and-white checkered paper they use. If you’re lucky enough to live in Toronto, make sure to check this place out. If you don’t live around here, pack your bags! It’s worth the drive.

The Hogtown Vegan?

834 Bloor St. W, Toronto ON


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