TakeOut Without

takeout without

Hello friends,

It’s time you met TakeOut Without!

Back when I interned at Borden Communications, I was introduced to this campaign to reduce restaurant waste. Their site has a ton of tips on how restaurants and consumers can work together to create less trash, so check it out! The three key messages to consumers are:

  • Refuse unnecessary stuff (packaging)
  • Retake your reusables
  • Reconsider your habits

The problem for me when I’m presented with straight-forward solutions like this is I can never go back! Once you are conscious (like, really conscious) of the fact that your garbage goes straight to a landfill, you’ll also be doing what you can to minimize packaging materials, plastic cutlery, and napkins. I promise!

Here’s what those 3 magic changes have looked like for me:

  1. I bring my own chopsticks. Seriously! One of my favourite Asian restaurants in Toronto still uses disposable chopsticks! Striding in with my own chopsticks in hand used to embarrass my mom, but she got used to it. It also made for a great conversation piece with waiters about why they should consider switching to reusable chopsticks! Of course, I also come armed with my glass container for leftovers. Walking a block back to my parents’ house is not a reason to put something in a landfill.
  2. I say no to all the extras. Have you noticed how much stuff is in takeout bags? If you’re going straight home with your meal, you don’t need disposable cutlery, napkins, ketchup packets, or even the bag! Just say no.
  3. Why are we even still talking about disposable coffee cups??If your order is “for here”, specify that you want your drink in a mug (even/especially if it looks prettier in a plastic cup).
  4. Invest in durable, glass or stainless steel reusables that you are proud to use. My days of plastic, spaghetti-sauce-stained ziplock containers are gone. I’ve gone glass, and I can’t go back!

How do you reduce waste in every day life? Let us know on Twitter or right here in the comments!