Episode 64: Trying Easier

trying easier

To everything there is a season.

So simple, so true, and finally our podcast is also broken up into seasons too. When we looked back at the episodes we have done, springtime has naturally marked the end of our first 3 seasons.

I’m so lucky to have a creative partner who I can speak openly to about wanting to take a break — and even luckier that she felt the same way.

It’s easy to put a lot of pressure on our creativity, but we have both felt what it’s like to be on our game, and lately (with both of us moving and dealing with difficult?things), it’s been hard.

Taking a break now, and busting into Season 4 later this summer is better for all of us, and we’re so excited to reunite, get inspired, and get brainstorming.

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So long, Season 3, it’s been a slice.

— Laura