Episode 38: Winter Running with Alex Flint

Winter Running With Alex Flint | Guinea Pigging Green


I get cold just thinking about it! In today’s episode, we are joined once again by our friend Alex Flint to talk about running during the wintertime. You can listen to the show via the player below?or subscribe to Guinea Pigging Green on iTunes.


Alex is an ultrarunner (we talked about the crazy long distances he runs in Episode 11) and the founder of Obsess.ca, which is a website on everything?running.

Steph and I are both puzzled and intimated at the thought of running with snow on the ground, so we had a few questions for Alex including:

  • How?do you?dress for winter runs?
  • How do you stay?motivated?
  • How?do you?warm up and cool down?
  • How does training change for most runners during the wintertime?
  • AND what is UP with putting nails in your shoes??

Still have questions for Alex after this episode? You can find him on Twitter (he promises to let you follow him) or leave us a note below in the comments section.

Happy, snowy trails!