Product Review: The Yogo Mat

Product Review: Yogo Mat

Oh my god, do I ever love this mat!

The first time I saw the Yogo Mat?I was at the Yoga Conference in Toronto trying my best to stick to an unreasonably low budget. I was doing great until I saw it: the perfect travel mat that was lightweight and just as grippy as my Jade mat.

These mats are recyclable, biodegradable, and made in the United States. Look into it: their product life cycle, including their packaging passes the Laura-test with flying colours.


The mat is perfect for on-the-go yoga. The other day, I placed the Yogo in my 1-litre?CamelBak bag?and ran to the studio. It’s so light I could barely feel it – it only weighs two pounds! Because the Yogo is so thin, I still prefer to use my Jade mat in class, even if it does weigh a ton. However, the Yogo mat laid over any old studio mat is a close second! I don’t slide at all, and it is the same length as a regular mat.

The Yogo mat was a Kickstarter campaign which means that you can learn all about it from this little video. I fell pretty hard for this mat after seeing it in person, and I believe the campaign video does it justice:

This mat has?probably been one of my favourite purchases of the year and I am so excited to see where it will take me this summer!

– Laura

Product Review: Yogo Mat