Episode 34: When Am I Ready for Yoga Teacher Training?

When Am I Ready for Yoga Teacher Training? // Guinea Pigging Green
hint: you don’t need to be able to do this!


Hello everyone!

The highlight of my weekend was recording this podcast for you. Is that sad? Because it?s the truth! As always, you can listen to the show?right here or by subscribing to us?on iTunes.?


For the past few months I have been 2-feet-in for my yoga teacher training through Power Yoga Canada. Steph?s been thinking about doing her teacher training as well, so in this podcast I respond to all of her burning questions and apprehensions.

How do you know you?re ready for Teacher Training? Consider that you ARE ready and that there isn?t an invisible yoga milestone you need to cross beforehand. I would especially caution against the idea that you need to have mastered all of the difficult poses to be a yoga teacher? Asana (the physical postures) is just one aspect of yoga!

In this episode we discuss:

  • Paying attention to electric moments (I’m finding a lot of inspiration in Marie Forleo interviews such as this one)
  • How to pick the right teacher training for?you
  • What we even do?during our crazy long weekends
  • How we are being taught?to teach

You can find more information about the PYC Teacher Training that I am doing here, including dates for upcoming trainings! If you?re already part of the PYC Community and are thinking about doing the training, just do it. It?s one of the best decisions you?ll ever make, even if you have no interest in becoming a teacher.

Finally, I wanted to leave you with some of my favourite books from the training:

  1. The Art of Possibility by Ben and Rosamund Zander (Steph also read this earlier this year and loved it too!)
  2. The Voice of Knowledge by Don Miguel Ruiz
  3. The Key Muscles of Yoga by Ray Long

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